Tuesday, October 27, 2009

my brain and what it likes.

As for how and why my brain works, its hard to say. I am drawn to a lot of different things in the world of art but right now am still on my kick of creepy things, as I previously discussed. I've been having a hard time with putting into words exactly why i am doing things even though i know what i want to do. So thats what i'm focusing on right now. Putting my thoughts into more elegant wording than, i like creepy things. My paintings for example I want to have an ominous and sinister feel, which i create through light and shadow with stains. I want the viewer to get this feeling and still think that it is a beautiful piece. That last statement is what i'm going for with my ceramics as well. above is one unfinished painting i have and a piece from last years ceramics class.
I get stuck on something and I'll work with that until i'm frustrated or bored and need to move on. Lately I've been more drawn to darker or more chaotic (whether it be in color of composition) work than I used to be more interested in, especially with painting. I had been looking at a lot of realistic figure painters, but not so much anymore. I've been going on gasllery guide and just going through all of the galleries on their list skipping around to different artists. I added a link for Leslie Bostrom. I just looked at some work of hers online in the Brenda Taylor gallery. Jorg Madlener is on that site as well, he's got some cool things. I found Nancy Cohen on the Kouros gallery site. I really love her sculptures. the shapes she creates are just beautiful in a kind of delicate way. She ,ay be inspiring to my future work. Nikolai Makarov's paintings have a beautiful use of light and haziness that made me think of how it relates to my paintings. Mishiko Hoshino, also on the link list, works with lithographs. The light and dark in there, along with the raw feeling, is something i've looked at. There are links to the galleries these artists are on on my list. Melanie Fischer has some pretty cool installations. worth looking in my opinion. Her site is on the list. Al Wadzinski i just found through NY Studio Gallery. I love his sculptures. The forms are really awesome. The materials and the colors and textures really excite me.
As for things i don't like, i can't pin anything specific. i'm an indecisive person and everything depends on the situation for me. So i really have the potential to like something in any genre, it just depends. i've actually been looking to find someone that i don't like as an example through these galleries but to be honest it's taking a long time to find someone i feel strongly enough about that i dislike. But you can get a feel for the art that i really enjoy from my past blogs as well as this one.

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  1. Hey!!
    Like this post ;)
    Really like how you're considering the why of things now, and hope you get somewhere with that all, but don't get too hung up on it...
    So, feed back on crit:
    I really like how you're trying to get the same feel you evoke in your paintings on the pieces now, by using something that would make the image cloudy and ''creepy'', as you've described your work. Doesn't quite feel like you've reached the best of all outcomes yet, but keep playing... Maybe try layering different materials instead of just one... Maybe have this soap dipped figures in water so with time they start breaking down... I don't know, thats your call; but somehow I do want to see some really oily stuff on it, like ceiling tarp or something.
    The other thing I was thinking is your attention to detail. I've seen you working and planning your pieces (hmm, me modeling for your ''coming out of the ground figure'' that one night at the studios), and now that I'm cosidering your paintings more, well I dont know how relevant it really is for you to do all that. You know how the body looks, you have one! You can't not know... Just stop think about it and just go at it. Of course, this is only what I think, but when you explain the frustrations of your process and how you get bored and like to move on to something new, I feel you could implement this on your process.
    And yes, a little confusing and contradicting I guess, since earlier on I was saying how I really liked that you were trying to figure out the why's. But I guess what I am trying to say is: keep asking yourself the ''why'', but stop thinking about the ''how''...