Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2nd post

I am amking a figure that is supposed to be tryign to come through this membrane sort of thing. This idea abviously is going along with my creepy thing i have going on. Right now im tryign to research what material to use for the membrane. I found a few options, some being in the links i posted. I may use a large sheet of rubber latex but i have to search around more. Resin is also another option, which would turn out a ittle differently tyhan i originaly imagined but i'm not sure yet. Theres a couple of websites that were helpful in this process. The first image in my head looked something liek what i had above.
The most recent dream i had is not quite relevant but there were two guys trying to attack myself and someone else. So this other person slit one of the guy's throat and then i hit him in the head with a spatula and it fell off. As i was wondering if i killed him I was told not to worry because he could still breath without his head on. Weird.
Since we are talking about dreams and i have been thinking about nightmares, one visual memory that has stuck with me is a dream i had over the summer. I was in a house that was possessed by some demon spirit. I went into the basement that was broken down and dark. There was a hole in the wall maybe about a foot wide and 6" vertical. It was around eye level. I felt the presence of the demon in there. It was quite creepy. I am trying to make a painting out of that memory.

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  1. Hey girl!

    There's a very violent aspect to your piece, but at the same time its so satisfying. the soap skin is so successful and has a fantastic interaction with the unfired clay. The color of the clay not only reflects the color of the cement floor, but compliments it as well. I wish I could have seen your final intent for this piece, but at the same time I know what obstacles you encountered. You are a fantastic artist and I hope you know that you are capable of anything <3