Tuesday, September 8, 2009

^ (Those are a couple pictures of Adrian Arleo's work)I want to continue the track i was on last semester in ceramics, which would be working with the figure. I have been looking at some ceramic artists such as Judy Moonelis, Adrian Arleo, Mark Burns, Debra W. Fritts and some others. Also the photographer Roger Ballen has inspired me with eery feel of the in his work. My first piece is either going to be a sort of mutated torso melting onto the floor, or i am going to start working on a smaller scale of a different project i have in mind. I've enjoyed giving the figure a creepy feel and i also want to add some sexuality into my work which i have started to work a little bit with the past semester but i did not execute the project i had in mind. Basically i have a whole bunch of ideas i just don't know exactly what ones i will be accomplishing this semester.

here's some artist websites. there are also a couple of sites that are of interest to me and may influence my work.

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